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This is the place.  You have found it! 

Whether you want to read my crack-pot theories in my blog or write your own in the forums... 

Whether you want to cast judgement upon my theories or those of others...

Whether you want to deconstruct those theories, explaining why they could not possibly be effective in the real world... 
Whether you want to read about, or express your opinion upon, the important issues and controversies of today... 
Whether you want to change the focus of the discussion because you think everyone else is placing importance upon the wrong issues...

This is the right place for you. 

Please help me to build the controversies and conspiracies web site by analyzing and commenting upon that which I write in my blog.  Please do the same for the topics in the forum.  Create your own topics in the forum and espouse your pet theories.
Keep in mind that, while we may disagree, civility and decorum should be maintained at all times.  For that reason, (free!) registration is requisite for posting comments and start topics.  Our guests may always read the posts.
Thank you,
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